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Our Insight

The team at Rematics has the experience and insight necessary to help your business utilize technology for your maximum benefit. We offer a comprehensive suite of consulting services, from strategic business planning to systems design, development, implementation and hosting – all based on years of experience with clients across the country. Whatever your business, the core team at Rematics has the experience you need to ensure that your efforts and projects are successful.

As a group the Rematics partners have over 130 years of cumulative experience providing technology consulting services, and our employees and consulting partners bring additional experience to the table as well. Some specific examples of the experience of our partner group include:

  • Specification, design, development, implementation and hosting of consumer-facing web applications utilized by over 40,000 Realtors across the US.
  • Design, construction, operation and support of systems and network architectures supporting web applications and various other systems for more than 400,000 Realtors across the US.
  • Specification, design, development and implementation of numerous systems for the State of Hawaii, including:
    • Adult criminal history system
    • Juvenile Criminal history System
    • Vital Records System
    • State Parks Visitor Information and Reservations System
    • Unemployment Insurance System (components of this system)
    • Personnel System (components of this system)
    • General excise Tax System (components of this system)
    • Community Hospitals Patient Maintenance System (project management only)
    • Hundreds of other systems over a 20 year period
  • Management of all aspects of the real estate software development operations of a Fortune 500 company

Utilizing Rematics as your consulting partner will make sure that your team has the technology and project management experience that you need to get your projects done right.